Love sharks year round, not just during Sharkweek

     So after all of my months of preaching about helping sharks and “saving my fin-tastic friends”, it’s about time I show you some great ways to donate money to shark protection that reward you in some pretty awesome shark paraphernalia! And for those days when you just want to shout your love for sharks on the rooftop, there are plenty of awesome shark things out there to buy! LET’S GET STARTED:

1. sharkwater – is an INCREDIBLE, life changing movie and each purchase of the DVD goes to supporting and protecting sharks all over the world from finning and murder.  This purchase is definitely worth it!

2. adopt a shark here, or here, or even here! – Donate money to help a specific shark (i.e. adopting a shark).  Some places let you name your shark and others give you a nice “glossy photo” of your new adopted pet!

And for those days that you just want to enjoy sharks without having to save the planet, here are quite a few of my favorite shark items for sale:

3.  Shark mug – this mug is great for any finatic that loves the thrill of seeing a great white in his empty mug every morning.

4.  Chumbuddy – I received this 7 foot bad boy for my 19th birthday and could not have been happier!  He is huge, the life of every party, and amazingly comfortable!  This plush companion is great for any bedroom, warm enough to sleep in each night, and cool enough to show off to everyone you know!

My Brother in the best birthday present I've ever received at my Shark themed dinner!

5. Shark backpack – Carry around your books in style with this awesome shark backpack!  It can make even the most terrifying classes seem tame in comparison to its sharp teeth.

6. Shark bean bag chair cover – One of my personal favorites, this bean bag cover allows any seat to become fin-tastic!

7. Shark ring – Shark rings are an awesome reminder of those amazing swimmers that need all of the help that they can get!  I personally love shark jewelry and have a gorgeous ring, and a necklace that I wear every day!

8. Shark Nails – If I was talented enough, I would rock these nails on every occassion!  Give it a shot and copy this nail art to give show that you are a true fin-atic!

9. Shark Infested Jello – This is a simple recipe that include blue jello, some cool whip to add the white waves on the top, and some gummy sharks that you can find at any Sweet Factory or candy dispensary to add in throughout the jello! Fun, easy, and great for a sharkweek party or just a normal, shark-filled day!

10. Shark Cake – Yes, I did make this cake!  Yes, it was for my own birthday!  Surprisingly, this wasn’t as difficult as it looks.  Just layers of cake with some fondant bought at Michaels made my birthday one that I will never forget! (To check out all of the steps that went into making my cake, take a look at my first blog post ever!

        So now you know ten awesome things that can help support the incredible creatures that I love and care about most!  And if these aren’t satisfying enough for such an extreme shark lover like you, feel free to check out some of the things that I personally own!  Best bet, search shark____ on google or amazon and you can find ANYTHING you’re looking for.  I have a shark blanket, a huge Jaws poster that I bought on Hollywood Blvd., shark ice cube trays that are super cheap and can be found easily on amazon, shark lighters (awesome and found on amazon), and a small, stuffed, blacktip shark named  Kevin who sits on my bed. Go out and find shark things that are right for you and help support my amazing friends!

And remember, Just Keep Swimming!

Great White Teenager


Diving in Head First!

WELCOME to my blog!  I’m Great White Teenager and here to introduce you to the fin-tastic world of sharks! (pardon my overused and cheesy puns)  For my first post I’m not going to dive in too deep to anything in particular.  Instead, I’m going to give you a little incite on the thing that I love most, the topic I will talk about every post, sharks.  You may ask yourself, why is there a blog about sharks that is being updated during any week other than Shark Week?  The answer is: My interest in sharks extends far into the other 51 weeks of the year and I am here to try to convince others to care about these creatures during the other 358 days that sharks swim along our coasts!

Now a little about me!  Sharks are a huge part of my life.  My collection of shark paraphernalia includes a ring, necklace, stuffed animal named Kevin, blanket made by my wonderful mother, two hilarious hats, a charm for my camera, and a 7 foot long stuffed Great White shark that doubles as a sleeping bag because you can fit right into his mouth to cuddle up! (sounds like a pleasant experience, right?)  I even made myself a shark cake for my birthday last July! Check out the picture below to see the finished product because I’m pretty proud of all my hard work!

^^^ If you can’t tell I’m a little obsessed with sharks…

But this blog has nothing to do with my interests, how to make shark cakes, or anything like that.  (Even though I’ll post plenty of fun things on here to feed your interests) Rather, this blog is going to throw you into the shark infested waters of the world to tell you all sorts of information about new discoveries, recent attacks, and anything that relates to the safety of these amazing creatures.  Sharks all over the world and hunted and massacred each day because people want to make some fancy shark-fin-soup, or because they want retribution for a recent attack.  Because of this, shark populations are dropping and the biodiversity of the ocean is quickly being altered.  My goal is to tell you enough finteresting ( :P) facts about sharks to get each reader to join the cause and dive in head first!

Hope that you enjoyed my FIRST POST EVER!!! And that you follow me for some more great facts and attacks that you can really sink your teeth into!

Great White Teenager