Lend a Hand, not a Fin!

Hello again my loyal shark supporters!

        I hope that all avid ccn.com viewers (if those even exist?) recently checked out the recent video posted of the Great White shark off the coast of North Carolina – a real rarity! If not, its a really quick, awesome video of a Great White in the freezing North Carolina waters that finally portrays the shark as the calm and curious creature that it is.  It isn’t the most incredible, entertaining video you’ll ever watch, but if you have a spare moment, why not watch a video that shows the gentle side of the Great giant?

         If only all sharks were given the opportunity to be seen in a calmer, friendlier light.  However, the “deviant flesh feinds” are normally cast as attackers and mindless murderers.  Because of this, there are very few who avidly and actively support shark finning bans.  Who would want to protect a murderer?  And who would care about such heartless creatures?

         Well, I can give you a list of a few places that have now implemented a ban on all shark finning with the hope of making a huge difference in the realm of shark protection.  One of the most influential places that has banned shark finning – that I mentioned in my introductory post on shark finning – is Hawaii.  With its %13 Chinese population, Hawaii passed a bill banning all shark finning and prohibiting the sale of shark-fin-soup as of July 1st, 2011.  Hawaii is extremely abundant in a variety of shark species, which leaves its waters extremely vulnerable to overfishing and shark hunting.  With the ban now in effect, it is hoped that Hawaii will stand strong against shark finning and efficiently protect the hundreds of sharks that swim along its beautiful coast.  The sponsor of this Hawaiian bill, Senator Clayton Hee, D-Kahuku-Kaneohe, believes, along with many other Hawaiians, environmentalists, and specialist, that passing this bill will influence other regions to do the same.  Senator Hee states,

“It’s not a local issue. It’s an international issue.”

And Marie Levine, the founder and executive director of the Shark Research Institute in New Jersey continues this idea saying,

“This is a landmark bill.  This is enormously important for the conservation of sharks.”

By passing this bill, Senator Hee and many Hawaiian natives (many of whom are partially of Chinese decent and still consider shark killing to be a terrible attack on the spirit of the ocean) hope that a trend will start and that nations all over the world will follow Hawaii’s example.

          Although the world is still murdering millions upon millions of sharks each year, Oregon is now following in Hawaii’s footsteps!  On August 5th, 2010, one month after Hawaii’s bill was passed, Oregon passed a law banning shark finning and the sale of shark-fin-soup.  However, Oregon’s ban is not as full proof as Hawaii’s, for it does not specifically address international imports, leaving a few backdoors to the law.  A real bummer for us shark fin-atics.

          Following Hawaii and Oregon came Washington to pass the ban bill, and then California.  However, California’s ban will not go into effect until 2013.  This pattern of banning shark finning, especially in places along the coast of the United States where shark fishing is much more probably, is incredible!  I feel like I should personally write Hawaii a letter thanking them for all of their help in spreading the word about shark finning and how to prevent it!  And although this is just the beginning and there are still 44 states in the U.S. and hundreds of countries around the world, shark de-fin-ders like myself can’t help but let out a yell of excitement at all of this great news!

          Along with the bans that are being implemented on the west coast, Yao Ming, the retired Chinese NBA player, is a full fledged supporter of banning shark      finning and protecting sharks! GO YAO! On September 22nd Mr. Ming and Richard Branson (a very powerful British tycoon) appealed to 30 extremely wealthy Chinese businessmen to stop eating shark-fin-soup.  This is a pretty ballsy act considering it is primarily the wealthy Chinese that eat the high-priced bowls of murder.  Branson and Ming explained that if the men stop demanding the soup, there will no longer be a need to kill the sharks.  Branson elaborated saying

“There’s been a massive increase in shark fin soup and the killing of sharks…the world is getting wealthier, particularly in China people are getting wealthier, and they can now afford to buy shark fin soup.  We’re trying to get other businesses to ban the transportation of shark fins.”

        This plea to the wealthy is a huge move on behalf of the sharks!  And it is only with the help of these passionate people that anything will be accomplished in terms of stopping shark finning.  Sharks are being murdered every day and it needs to come to an end.  These fin-tastic friends need a helping hand, and although the arm is slowly being outstretched, we need 3 billion hands to actually get the job done!

       So how can you lend the needed hand?  Do what I have been asking of you for months now!  Sign a petition, make a donation, call a restaurant and ask them to remove shark-fin-soup from their menu, and of course, DON’T ORDER THE SOUP!  Although it may seen like so much is being done to stop the malicious massacre of my fish munching muchacho, there is still so much that needs to be done.  The killing is continuing and an estimated 1.5 million sharks are being murdered each week because of the selfishness of humans and the constant demand for flavorless fins.  And I know, I know, I promised I would stop lecturing, preaching, and begging you to help these creatures that I love more than anything but I can’t help but ask you one more time (or maybe ten…) to help the cause. 

The movement has begun, join the crowd, jump on the band wagon, and Just Keep Swimming!

Great White Teenager


One response to “Lend a Hand, not a Fin!

  1. All of your blogs have helped me get a different perception of sharks. I myself was a shark hater for a very long time. After watching Jaws or Deep Blue Sea i wasn’t left with one inch of sympathy for these huge animals. However, i see different side to them now, and i enjoyed reading all of your blogs. Thank you

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