A Week Full of Deep Anticipation

Happy Thanksgiving to All!

           I hope that everyone had a great holiday and enjoyed some shark-fin-soup free meals with their families! 

       I just wanted to tell some extremely interesting news that could teach us a lot about sharks in the near future.  As some of you know, lots of sharks, like Great Whites, are known to feed on the rotting carcasses of whales.  Whales are covered with layers of thick blubber and fat that fills up sharks and allows them to not need another meal for days, even weeks!  The video link below (which you may have seen during SharkWeek) shows Great Whites devouring a floating whale carcass up close!

Shark Feeding on Whale Carcass

Last week, a massive 67-foot Fin Whale was unfortunately hit by ship, killing it.  The sonar used by military ships and submarines is thought to interfere with the ecolocation of whales, causing them to swim in areas that they do not normal wade through.  The carcass washed up in San Diego, California on the shore of Point Loma.  After it was towed for six hours to near-by Fiesta Island where all of the nosey San Diegans’ said good-bye, it is being sunk to the depths of the sea.  

         Not interested yet?  They are sending cameras down to the deep with it to try and capture some images and information about what goes on down there!  Specialist Eddie Kisfaludy operations manager for Virgin Oceanic in San Diego excitedly said, 

“The most ecologically responsible thing we want to do is put the whale back in the ocean… We’ll tie onto it, drag it off La Jolla — about five miles offshore — and add about four tons of steel to it that will hopefully sink it in 2,500 feet of water.”

As it sits at the bottom, scientists plan to take full advantage of this opportunity to research the species that will flock to the carcass for food, shelter, or possible for reasons currently unknown to us.  I’m personally hoping that some sharks will swim by to nibble and possible give a little insight to what sharks do at such depths, and maybe even give some hints as to where Great Whites give birth!  The possibilities are endless at this point!  (Also meaning that nothing new could be discovered.)  No matter what, it will be very interesting to see some footage of sea life at this depth.  Kisfaludy comments saying,

“All of those things are very interesting to science because we know very little about the deep sea… Taking advantage of an opportunistic situation is what we are doing.”

Let’s all hope that in a few weeks I can post a new update on all of the incredible things discovered from the tragic death of the Fin Whale!

        Have a Great Thanksgiving weekend and Just Keep Swimming!

Great White Teenager


3 responses to “A Week Full of Deep Anticipation

  1. This is exciting news and a interesting blog! the image made me feel quite sad at first, it made me think of how these ships are ruining the paths of these whales! However, I also agree it would be interesting to see what happens with its remains, and I also hope this can teach us something new about sharks.

  2. Wow! This is very interesting! The video you posted was very informative. That was a good idea of the South Africans to return the carcass to the sea for the sharks to eat. And I also think that it would be very cool if some sharks came up and fed on the carcass.

  3. I did not know that if sharks eat whales they can go more days without eating. I found this post very interesting. Maybe if you ever run into the pictures the marines took in the ocean you should post them (:

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