The Terrifying Tigers

Welcome back my fin-loving friends!

     Get ready to dive into another terrifying shark adventure! When I say “terrifying” I’m not referring to a scary 3D experience that leaves movie goers fearing the ocean for months like the newest shark film “Shark Night 3D” (please don’t get me started on all of the negative implications this movie creates about my seal biting buddies).  Rather I am referring to an absolutely appalling article that I found while perusing the internet earlier this week.

     The article entitled “Has Shark that Killed Ian Now Been Caught?” refers to a tragic shark attack that left honeymooner Ian Redmond, 30 a casuality of what was expected to be a wonderful vacation off the shores of a local beach in the Seychelles. (To read the full article visit  Unfortunately, the fatal bites cut short the life of an innocent swimmer trying to enjoy the beautiful beach. And although this does seem quite “terrifying”, bad news was only followed by more bad news as locals decided to hunt down and kill two tiger sharks that could have possibly caused the accident.  As the article states, “Experts who inspected a tooth left in tragic Ian’s leg have said it belonged to either a tiger shark or a Great White.”  Apparently, this was sufficient information for fisherman to brutally murder and gut two large tiger sharks swimming near the area that the attack occurred.  After the sharks were brought in, killed, and strung up like piñatas on the shore for passers-by to gawk at, experts were brought in only to find no remains within the shark’s stomach.

“Shark experts brought in after the attack off Anse Lazio beach on Praslin island in the Seychelles gutted the captured fish yesterday. No human remains were found.”

For those of you who know little about Tiger sharks, assuming that this accident (I use this rather than attack because sharks do not knowingly attack humans) was actually caused by a Tiger and not a Great White, let me fill you in a few quick details:

1. Tiger sharks are found in tropical and temperate waters all over the world. (

      What does this mean? Finding one tiger shark in a warm tropical area that is abundant in fish and other sea creatures is not an unlikely thing.  Therefore, assuming that catching two tiger sharks in the Seychelles will result in one of them being the one that killed Ian Redmond is a little ridiculous. 

2. Tiger sharks travel from the surface to depths of 1200 ft below the sea. (

      What does this mean? The sought after shark could be 1200 ft below the sea right now, leaving two innocent sharks to be murdered by humans.  That seems all to similar to what happens when sharks attack humans except that sharks do it by accident or as a means of food, while humans do it selfishly to serve as retribution.

3. Tiger sharks are known to regurgitate some of their food after they eat it because unlike Great Whites, they swallow whatever they bite into.  This can sometimes be trash and other inedible things floating around the ocean floor. (

      What does this mean?  If the fishermen were actually looking for the shark that killed Ian, the chances of them finding it were extremely slim because the remains would no longer be in the shark’s stomach because contrary to common belief, humans aren’t part of a normal Tiger sharks diet.

     So, what happened in the Seychelles? Two innocent creatures were murdered and put on display because another one of their species accidentally killed an innocent honeymooner.  If all of these facts don’t persuade you to try to put a stop to these disgusting and truly terrifying acts of murder and massacre, let me leave you with one final scenario.  A man and his wife were on their honeymoon when a white man accidentally killed, or even purposely killed one of the honeymooners.  Because there was no evidence left at the scene aside from someone who saw that it was a white man, police went out and murdered two random white men who lived in the area and left them out for everyone to see.  Does this seem right or just or fair?  If you are the fintastic people who I think you are, you don’t quite think so. Everyday innocent sharks are killed for trying to eat, or simply just being sharks.  It’s up to us to say “STOP!” to all of the shark killers out there and to speak up for those who cannot speak themselves!

Well folks, that’s all from me today!  Subscribe to my blog to get updates on any new things that I post and feel free to comment!  I love your feedback!  Stay Great, sharp, and just keep swimming! 

Great White Teenager


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