Diving in Head First!

WELCOME to my blog!  I’m Great White Teenager and here to introduce you to the fin-tastic world of sharks! (pardon my overused and cheesy puns)  For my first post I’m not going to dive in too deep to anything in particular.  Instead, I’m going to give you a little incite on the thing that I love most, the topic I will talk about every post, sharks.  You may ask yourself, why is there a blog about sharks that is being updated during any week other than Shark Week?  The answer is: My interest in sharks extends far into the other 51 weeks of the year and I am here to try to convince others to care about these creatures during the other 358 days that sharks swim along our coasts!

Now a little about me!  Sharks are a huge part of my life.  My collection of shark paraphernalia includes a ring, necklace, stuffed animal named Kevin, blanket made by my wonderful mother, two hilarious hats, a charm for my camera, and a 7 foot long stuffed Great White shark that doubles as a sleeping bag because you can fit right into his mouth to cuddle up! (sounds like a pleasant experience, right?)  I even made myself a shark cake for my birthday last July! Check out the picture below to see the finished product because I’m pretty proud of all my hard work!

^^^ If you can’t tell I’m a little obsessed with sharks…

But this blog has nothing to do with my interests, how to make shark cakes, or anything like that.  (Even though I’ll post plenty of fun things on here to feed your interests) Rather, this blog is going to throw you into the shark infested waters of the world to tell you all sorts of information about new discoveries, recent attacks, and anything that relates to the safety of these amazing creatures.  Sharks all over the world and hunted and massacred each day because people want to make some fancy shark-fin-soup, or because they want retribution for a recent attack.  Because of this, shark populations are dropping and the biodiversity of the ocean is quickly being altered.  My goal is to tell you enough finteresting ( :P) facts about sharks to get each reader to join the cause and dive in head first!

Hope that you enjoyed my FIRST POST EVER!!! And that you follow me for some more great facts and attacks that you can really sink your teeth into!

Great White Teenager


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